Do you need a challenge? If so try the following...

Play slender (free PC game)

Yell the alphabet backwards at the top of your voice

Have a nice conversation with yourself about cabbage

Ask yourself why you are not dancing naked around the living room

Have a solo game of BOGEYS! (You know, that game where you have to yell it loudest?)

Ask for a spade then dig a hole in the garden to hide in

List everything you own which needs batteries or is electronic

Play ‘keep the balloon up’ while texting

Drink’ drive

Pretend you are a western cowboy riding in the wind but only use these items: tissues 1 sheet of paper sunglasses and a sunhat

Watch the video’ s on you tube that come up after searching acanthocephalans  FACT!!! Acanthocephalans is a REAL word!

Try to establish why you are sitting on your lazy behind, SHAKE SPEAR STYLE!

List every knock knock joke on some paper

1 man Mexican wave

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